• UX/UI Designer
• Fine Artist

Careerfoundry Student Project 2020-2021

Primitif offers a carefully curated database of handmade sculptures and customizable wall decor, with a commitment to accessibility and 
high quality items on a budget. 

Primitif is a native app for iOS complete with a promotional desktop website. Users discover, customize, and cherish sculptural wall decor from the comfort of their own home.

According to an article from Plural, “In 2016, Oxfam reported that the 62 richest individuals in the world have as much wealth as the poorer half of humanity — that’s over 3.5 billion humans.” Those who can not afford to go to a gallery and purchase a high priced piece of art can use Primitif to find or customize a unique piece of art for their home. The sculptures featured within this app are original pieces I created for a personal fine art collection. I sell these pieces to individuals on private commission, available at sliding scale prices.
User Story 1
As a new customer, I want to access the inventory without having to register, so I can make sure this store has what I’m looking for before having to create an account. 
User Story 2
As an elderly customer, I want to look at fewer search results per page with larger text and buttons so I can comfortably browse the inventory.
User Story 3
As a customer, I want to be able to place multiple items in a shopping cart, so that I can purchase more than one item at a time. 
User Journey 1
Landing and Onboarding screens provide a preview of content so the user can take a look at what’s offered before having to create an account.  
User Journey 2
Browse and Build screens feature adjustable search filters and clearly labeled buttons, helping elderly customers view less search results per page.
User Journey 3
After Joining, the user can access their wishlist items, previous activity, and place a card on file. Guest users may checkout as a guest. Both guests and members can place multiple items in the cart.
Adding Details
The selection of screens below were tested on participants to discover pain points, isolate emerging issues, and enhance features with relevant UI patterns. 
Medium-Fi Prototype User Test
Here's the scenario: 
You are looking for an easy way to access and purchase unique art pieces from the comfort of your own home. In this experience, please focus on the following task: 
Browse the app before having to join or sign up.
Final Prototype
Thank you for viewing!
Erin Fritts
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