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• Illustrator

Careerfoundry Student Project 2020-2021

EqualsDee strives to enrich a child’s learning palette with new life skills and academic subjects. With a funny instructor avatar,  the content is presented in the form of self-paced courses. Caregivers are connected to local classes and events for their kids as their interests develop. 
To provide an online enrichment program in the form of a native app for elementary aged children and care givers. Imagined for use in supplement with regular schooling or home schooling; created for iOS and Android.
User Personas
The targeted users for EqualsDee are parents, caregivers, and young children who may already have home school obligations. EqualsDee’s flexible, self-paced timeline can be easily integrated into everyday life. 
Competitive Analysis
Skillshare and Kahn Academy are current and popular learning apps which target a similar goal audience to EqualsDee. 
User Flows
User Flow Diagram
Low-Fi Wireframes
The initial wire frames were sketched by hand quickly in a brainstorm session. Displayed below are a selection of resulting frames, consolidated as the first user flow: 
“When I log in, the app will gather data about my favorite topics  before I reach the homepage.” 
Mid-Fidelity Wireframes: iOS & Android
Low fi wireframes were expanded upon by  structuring navigation, balancing hierarchy of elements, and researching UI patterns, with emphasis on functional interface. 
User Reviews
Peer designers were asked to highlight any pain points after reviewing a hi-fidelity prototype of EqualsDee.
Final Designs
Prototype Video​​​​​​​
Thank you for your time!
Erin Fritts​​​​​​​
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