• UX/UI Designer
Careerfoundry Student Project 2020-2021

Most popular music apps provide a related songs or song radio feature. Here’s the catch; similar tracks are usually recycled and repeated. Nostalgiafi gathers your favorite titles and connects you to a plethora of related music, never recommending the same song twice. 
Nostalgiafi is a native app that serves as a gateway to related music. Think of that song you have on repeat; Nostalgiafi will use that song as a guiding light, bridging the gap between you and a new list of titles that will become your new favorites.
Competitive Analysis
User Research
User Flows
User Flow Diagram
Low Fi Wireframes
User Story 1
"I want to access music tailored to my taste, so I can select songs and find related music."
Mid Fi Wireframes
A dark theme keeps the focus on the content. Accents of color direct the user’s attention to important features and functions, without being exhausting to look at. 
Final Designs
Thank you for your time!
Erin Fritts​​​​​​​
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