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• Illustrator
Careerfoundry Student Project 2020-2021

Run with Friends is a responsive app for runners. With GPS tracking, trail map downloads, and a community of supportive members, there’s something for everyone. From beginners to advanced trail runners, Run with Friends helps users get fit with outdoor workouts. Users meet goals such as increasing mileage, participating in virtual running races, and tracking their progress.

The main goal Run with Friends is to motivate a virtual community of fitness enthusiasts and nature lovers. Users can reconnect with their health and wellness and inspire one another to reach their fitness goals. A future iteration of this app may include a feature where logged miles are converted to dollars  which are donated to a wildlife charity. 
The objective of this competitive analysis was to gather information about top trail running apps with a similar goal audience; AllTrails and MapMyRun.
Offers “hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers and nature lovers.”
Bottom Line
• Advanced search
• Access trail maps, photos
• GPS and Directions
• Reviews and community
• Saving trails to profile
• Pro membership

Creating a simplified app which offers the same key features, and enhance the advanced search filter tool.

Offers 24/7 GPS tracking with access to trail maps, directions, which includes biking and hiking options.
Bottom Line
• Share routes
• Access routes
• Link fitness devices
• Log stats
• Community
• MVP membership

The mileage tracker is both the biggest draw and biggest issue; it is reported to be inaccurate sometimes.
Athletic people who explore outdoor trails are interested in expanding their connection to nature.
• Users who are athletic, outdoor explorers who want to help the earth. 
• GPS tracking, downloadable trail maps, advanced filters, reviews, and the ability to save the trail. 
• Access to new trails with GPS tracking.
• Find community while getting some miles in.
• Measure workouts and improve fitness.
• For motivation to get out there.
• Before hitting the trails at home; searching trails,
joining races, and getting directions to the trail.
• On the go on a mobile device. It should be easy to pull up the map.
• Advanced search filters cut down search time. 
• Visually emphasized search filters. 
• Display settings such as color and modes.
• See results, chat with new friends, and join races.
What gets you excited about outdoor fitness?
User Wants
• Driving directions
• Option to hike, bike, or run
• Feature for instant messaging
• Automatic syncing of devices
User Needs
• Advanced search filters
• GPS tracking and saved stats
• Access virtual races and teams
• Downloadable trail maps
User Story 1 
When I am preparing to go on a run, I want to use the app to search for a local trail, so I can find more trails to run outdoors.​​​​​​​
User Story 2
When running, I want to use the app to track my miles and time, so I can join races and work on fitness.
User Story 3
When preparing to explore a new trail, I want to connect and compete with other users, so I can be part of a community of runners. 
User Flow Diagram
User Story 1 
When I am preparing to go on a run, I want to use the app to search for a local trail.
At this step, a paper prototype was tested.
Participants were asked to:
• Search for a Trail Map, and save it to your Saved Maps.
• Access Saved maps and open a map to begin a run.
• Complete a run and Save your stats.
• Search, join, and complete a Race.
Tester 1
Christopher Brown, 33 
Landscaper, Racing app user
Sept 8, 12pm, Fruita, CO
Tester 2 
Theresa Worlton, 59 
Nurse, Racing app user
Sept 8, 11am, Fruita, CO
Tester 3 
Reid Worlton, 84 
Retired Nuclear Physicist, Long-time runner 
Sept 8, 1pm, Fruita, CO
Peer Reviews
As wireframes continued to expand, reviews by other designers assisted in the creation of hi-fidelity designs. Using a responsive grid layout, breakpoints were identified and edited to fit a variety of device sizes. 
Thank you for your time!
Erin Fritts​​​​​​​
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